About Us

Kids Club is the ultimate local resource for parents, kids and families.

We believe that family time is fun and enriching and that community is important.  We strive to be a great resource for families which also helps build strong communities.  We help parents have fun with their kids by making planning easy and thinking of great ideas for family time.

We believe that educational activities and entertainment activities are equally exciting.  We are invested in the well-being and development of our kids.  We strive to support healthy bodies through active play and sport, as well as healthy minds through education.

We also encourage our kids to have vivid imaginations through discovery, creativity, and learning.  We partner with local businesses and non-profits and believe in Giving Back.  We create opportunities for community involvement and support charities as we encourage our kids to care about others and get involved in our community.

Kids Club Tampa / St. Pete was created to help parents plan quality family time with their kids.  Life is busy.  We help you save time and money.

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