Get unplugged at SpinNations Skating Center

Are you concerned that your kids are spending too much time with TV, computers and video games? Are you worried that they are not as engaged in school or family time and seem compelled only to get online? Well, Spinnations Skating Center is the perfect place to UNPLUG parents and kids alike. The music is vibrant and the DJ's keep everything moving and upbeat with a few games and competition for the entire group. One session and the whole family will feel alive and connected to each other again. Don't forget about this as a great place for a birthday party. They have a great area for a party that includes skating.

We spent Saturday meeting our Members and talking to families about Tampa St Pete Kids Club. We signed up some new families who will now enjoy Buy One Get One Free Admission at Spinnations Skating Center every time they go, and for every family member.

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